Stage of life of a kitten

In order to ensure that the kittens become fine pet cats later on, it is very important that the kitten has sufficient contact with people in the various stages of life and has also been in contact with different stimuli.

For this reason, a litter of kittens is best kept in the home, so that it gets to know different things in the house and where it has a lot of contact with people.


Neonatal phase (week 1 and 2)

The kitten's first two weeks of life are also called the neonatal or vegetative phase of life. In this phase the kitten does not react consciously and the daily activities mainly consist of sleeping and drinking milk. Furthermore, the kittens in this phase can not yet maintain their body temperature and need help in relieving and urinating.

Thus they need the body heat and the care of the mother.


For a breeder this is also the most vulnerable phase that you can go through with your kitten. They are still so small that the care in this period requires a lot more of you. I use a kitten cam for the nights or when I'm away (as a kind of baby monitor idea) to keep an eye on them. So jumping alive as they are the one moment, so you can also lose them in a not too long time.

That's why I, as a breeder, have to watch damn well that they are not crushed to death when mother is lying on them, etc. At the slightest squeak I hear I'm standing next to it. When I am not at home, I signal a friend who is sitting a few doors to take a look. They will never be alone for long, but I will also have to do my shopping once.

In most cases, my children pay attention that is old and wise enough.


Imprint phase (week 3-8)

When the kittens are 3 weeks old, the imprint phase begins, the first socialization phase, in which the kittens have to learn to deal with everything up to the age of 8 weeks that they can come into contact with later.

In this phase it is therefore important to introduce the kitten intensively to people, other pets, driving in a car, stroking, combing, brushing teeth, vacuum cleaner, radio, TV, and more.


Partly because of this, I think it is very important that people come along to visit their new family member who will soon be living with them. This is the ideal time to build a tire (as a start). In this period I do everything to get used to a normal normal family life. This is how they become acquainted with the vacuum cleaner, for example.

The one stays at a distance and does not find the whole thing scary, but you have said everything.

The other person can be vacuumed off with a brush set piece and is equally well prepared for it. Even though I can not get them used to dogs because I do not have them, it is never a problem.

Occasionally there is sometimes a walk in for a few minutes and it is actually fine. This is also the period (around 7-8 weeks usually) that I start with a harness with some. Everything is more playful.

There is nothing forced here in the house unless it is necessary, because you achieve the opposite.


Socialization period (week 9-16)

The (second) socialization period starts at the age of 9 weeks. This lasts until the age of 16 weeks. During this period the kitten learns to enter into social contacts and also learns how to deal with aggression.


Here you notice that they challenge each other as well as the adult animals in the house.

Also to me as well in their new house they are really trying to get you out of it. I also call it "toddler / toddler puberty" to give it a name. In the things that are not desirable you really have to stand on your stripes and do not like them in a good and loving way. If you do not, you have a problem when they are adults. It can be nice and cute when a kitten is hanging in your Christmas tree, but are you also happy when he does that later?

You should ALWAYS take that as a guideline. You think it's good now.

Do you also find that when it does in adult stage? If your answer to that question is 'no', then you have to do something with it. It is that simple. And every kittens is different in character, so which approach works the best I try out of course and I will give as many tips and advice as possible, but you will have to continue it yourself at home and try it out.


Every medal has its pros and cons, as long as you enjoy it. Getting a baby that is desired is delicious.

Whether it is a human baby or a cat baby does not matter.

You should enjoy that. Everything ends up on its feet!