Regulatory elements - responsible breeding

The real hobby breeder breeds out of love for his breed, does not have too many litters per year, has a registered cattery name and is a member of a pedigree cat association.
With such an association you can request information in advance and if necessary file a complaint if a breeder does not fulfill his obligations. We are breeder member of the BCF in Belgium.
If all goes well, the hobby breeder spends time and care on all his / her cats. Both the cats that were once bred (and shown) as well as the cats that are still bred (and shown).
The cats live in the house and with the family or 'staff'. If possible, they also have the possibility to be outside in a cat or out-of-doors garden.
If there are kittens then they must be well socialized.
We think quality is more important than quantity.
In this way you as a breeder are also better able to select interested people for suitability.
After all, both the kitten and the new owner must fit together.
We also find that a breeder who has too many litters (read kittens) for sale,
less critical in the selection of the kitten buyers.
After all, there has to be room for new litters in the house.
The consequences of being less critical can be guessed.
The kittens / cats are (without the knowledge) of the breeder taken away from home or sold and in the best case they are returned to the breeder. A missed opportunity for the kitten.
You can not totally exclude these situations.
After all, an unforeseen change in the situation of the kitten buyer can always occur.
But the chances are a lot smaller.
We would like an interested person to visit us a number of times to watch the kittens and see them grow up. That way you can get to know each other better.
And if we have agreed, you can be sure that your new acquisition is healthy. We will record rights and obligations and warranty conditions with you in a contract.
We will never just give a kitten.