The British Short- and Longhair

His doll face with the large round eyes exudes peace and reminds you of a teddy bear. The British street cats from which he eventually descended, you would certainly not look for behind this round cuddle cat. The breed originally came from Great Britain where it was bred towards the end of the nineteenth century. His ancestors are English street cats who came into the country with the Romans centuries ago. During the first cat show at Crystal Palace in London in 1871, the British Shorthair was shown in multiple colors. Crossing Persians developed a calm, sturdy breed with a soft and woolly-feeling short-haired coat. A real cuddle comrade.


By cross-breeding the long-haired Persian breed, the recessive long-haired gene came into the British Shorthair breed, so that sometimes two short-haired ones who both carried the recessive long-haired gene were born into a long-haired kitten. In the first instance, these long hairs were seen as an undesirable by-product and irreverently named Pluis. Fortunately, people got up who saw the beauty of these long-haired kittens and continued breeding with them. They fought for the recognition of the British long-hair race. In June 2012 the recognition by the independent cat associations in the Netherlands is a fact and as of October 2017 the breed is also recognized by FIFE.


Macho & Belle - photo 2019

Evy - photo 2019


The British short and long hair is not demanding in handling and balanced in nature. The character is calm and introverted. The animal is not a client of attention but subtly, by gently mewing or coming to sit with the owner,

it is clear that attention is needed.Although there are animals that do this, the breed is generally not a real lap cat, but preferably sits close to people on the couch or next to the chair.

They are not cats to lift a lot, they have their own independence and follow domestic activities at a small distance.

A British shorthair can perfectly function as an only pet and, if a different cat or dog is chosen, will appreciate an animal with a similarly calm character.



  • Header

Round with full cheeks and a broad skull. The bone structure under the fur must be round. The muzzle should be wide and merge into cheeks and neck without interruption.

  • Ears

Must be rather small and rounded from above, placed far apart and merge into the round head without interruption.

  • Eyes

Must be large, round, well opened and far apart.

  • Body

Compact, stocky, sturdy and solid with a straight back. The animal must have a massive shoulder area, broad abdomen and broad chest.

  • Legs & Feets

Fairly short, straight and firm.

Round, sturdy feet with connected toes and her feathers.

  • Tail

- With a short hair:

Must be thick and medium-long, the base must be wide and the end round.


- With a Long Hair: Must be thick, well-haired and medium-long, the base must be wide and the end round.

  • Coat structure

- With a Shorthair:

The coat is short, dense and standing up. Due to its density, the coat does not lie tightly on the body, but is nicely off the body. This thick undercoat requires some care. The British Shorthair must be carefully brushed once a week, especially in the fall and spring.


- With a long hair:

The British longhair has a medium longhair coat that is firmly and very densely implanted. Because of its density, the coat does not lie tightly on the body, but is nicely removed from the body. The fur is short on the head, from the cheeks the fur becomes longer and forms a full collar, the fur is also fairly short on the neck with long hair on the flanks that, however, should not touch the ground. coat off the body. The tail and the inside of the ears are well hairy and this breed has hair tufts on the legs.

  • Colors

The variety in colors is huge. In addition to the best known color, the even blue variety, there are evenly colored British cats in black, red, cream, chocolat and lilac, among others. There are also British in the colors white, turtle, bi-color, tabby, silver, golden and color point.


Belle - photo 2018