Information Breeds

Bink & Beer - photo 2017

Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold has a body with a strong back, robust legs and a medium tail. They have small ears on a round head.

The coat is short, densely implanted in all colors and patterns.

The character is calm, homely, quiet and introverted.


Pip - Photo 2018

Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex is a sturdy cat, with a short-haired or long-haired curly coat. The coat is soft and woolly, with a loose curl. The head is round, with large round eyes, the ears are of average size.

The breed is recognized in all colors.


Belle & Macho - Photo 2019

British Short- and Longhair

The Brit is a medium to large, compact, well-balanced cat with a solid body, a broad chest and fairly short, sturdy legs.

The head is spherical with small ears, full cheeks and a firm chin,

the eyes are large and the nose is short and wide. With both the tail is wide, but with the short hair the end is round and with the long hair well hairy.

With the coat the biggest differences are with the short hair, the coat is short, dense and standing, and with the long hair half-long with a full collar, dense and detached from the body.